TOM QUINN MEDIATOR: Family Court, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Custody, Personal Injury, Criminal and Civil Defense Mediation Services - resolving disputes, Greenville, SC Tom Quinn, Mediator

Family Court Qualifications
Mr. Quinn is a certified mediator in Family Court and has been since 1994. He has completed a forty hour course in family mediation approved by the South Carolina Supreme Court and the Academy of Family Mediators. He meets the requirements of South Carolina’s Standards of Practice and Certification for Mediators established by the South Carolina Counsel for Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution and is a member in good standing of the South Carolina Bar. He stays current in the rules, issues and techniques of mediation through continuing education courses, books and journals.

In the last year Mr. Quinn has conducted approximately a dozen Family Court Mediations.

Civil Qualification
As a licensed attorney in good standing who has completed an approved forty hour civil mediation training course approved by the South Carolina Supreme Court, Mr. Quinn is certified as a civil mediator and has been since 1994. By participating in the relevant training and education, Mr. Quinn continues to meet the requirements of the Supreme Court to maintain his status as a certified civil mediator.